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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

If Perfection Is What You Need, Our Garage Door Service Company Is the Best Choice

Take a look at the testimonials of people who have experience with our garage door company

Brilliant Safety Sensors Fix

I want to express my gratitude to everyone on this professional team. You found the best solution to my urgent problem and implemented it in no time. I have to say that your world class company is the best in every respect. When I accidently dropped by grocery bag underneath the closing overhead door, I saw it smashed and totally panicked. You responded immediately when I called for help and provided a complete solution to the faulty safety sensors. Now I know that everyone in my family is perfectly safe thanks to your timely reaction. Thank you for providing the speediest garage door sensors replacement.

Superb and Lasting Panel Protection

The sides of my automatic garage door kept getting rusty so I realized that I needed better protection from moisture. I contacted Garage Door Repair New Hope for help and they offered the perfect solution in terms of effectiveness and cost. The panels were painted with the most technologically advanced protective paint, added weather seals, and completed the work in very little time. The results are excellent and keep producing great benefits. These garage door panels are completely safeguarded from moisture while the garage is much warmer due to the improved insulation. I highly recommend this service provider to everyone.

Truly Professional Rail Problem Resolution

I was utterly shocked when I saw the rail of my garage door opener bent and hanging lower than it is supposed to, so I immediately called the emergency service of Garage Door Repair New Hope for effective resolution of the problem and have to say that it was flawless in every respect. The professionals picked up the phone immediately and provided thorough inspection. They took all necessary measures to prevent an accident and produced an original replacement garage door rail super quickly. Luckily, the replacement job took them very little time and the end result was absolutely superb.

Better Windows Installed Swiftly

It turned out that the windows of my overhead garage door were quite fragile. They kept shaking during opening and closing and broke in less than six months after the door's installation. I needed an effective solution fast. The professionals of Garage Door Repair New Hope provided excellent service and came up with replacement units made from much thicker and tougher glass. The best part was they corresponded to the aesthetics of the door. Highly skilled technicians completed the garage door windows replacement job quickly, accurately, and the service could not have been better. I rate it highly and recommend it strongly.


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